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About Me

Birth always held a fascination for me. When I was younger my family often shared stories of how we were born and it became apparent to me very early on that this event is life-altering. Not just in the sense that you add another human being to your family, but the memories of the births were still so vivid after a lot of years had passed. When I started my own family I hired a Doula to support us and her involvement will always stand out as pivotal to our
positive experience.
Now, many years later and having given birth to 5 amazing kids, I am more passionate than ever to provide support to birthing families so that they can become confident in their roles as new parents and look back with fond memories to this special time in their lives.


Lena is an incredibly confident, skilled and talented doula that we would recommend to anyone. We found Lena on doula match and we are so glad we did! She guided us through the birth of our first child and was an absolute rock in the whole experience. Our due date fell on New Years Eve and Lena was there for us on call 24/7, ultimately joining us on New Years Day for over 24 hours of challenging labour in the hospital. She brought with her extensive experience, leading us through many pain relieving positions, a TENS machine, exercise balls and knew exactly what the hospital would be able to do for us every step of the way. It’s hard to overstate how helpful her experience and insights were to making sure we were able to relax and experience the moment when it finally came. At 4am when we couldn’t even keep our eyes open, Lena was still alert and ready to rock and roll as soon as the next contraction came. She carefully adjusted blankets, pillows and made sure we were comfortable even through an epidural. She also met with us before and after, assisting in postpartum and provided helpful breastfeeding tips, videos and advice.  The labour had unexpected twists and turns that ultimately led to a c-section and Lena ensured we were supported the whole way through.  We especially appreciated her no nonsense approach to patient centred care, solid understanding of roles and responsibilities in a labour and delivery care team while advocating for our needs. Thank you Lena!



"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it."

John H. Kennell, MD